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Who is Tessa?

March 20, 1981 - February 1, 2006

Tessa served as a volunteer for The Peace Corps Agency, a United States Government program, which provides social and economic assistance to the world. She was stationed in the South Pacific country of The Kingdom of Tonga.  Tessa died from a shark attack while serving the village of Tu'anuku, Tonga. 

Xavier Prater Horan

August 21, 1982 - July 26, 2023

A vivid spirited traveler with a charismatic appetite to experience and express himself. Xavier was injured in a car accident in 1999 which left him as a paraplegic. His resilience allowed him to adapt, improvise and overcome tragedy in his life style. 

During an adventure of self discovery, Xavier passed away suddenly at a wellness center in Costa Rica. 

Xavier was Tessa's younger brother, he was one of the founders of the Tessa Foundation 501c3 charitable organization. He served on the board of directors from 2006-2010.

Tessa and Xavier contrasted one another in many ways and complimented each other as siblings. 

Ways We Support Communities
Current Initiatives

Tessa Foundation Talks
A talk show weaving ageless conversations that engage creative, inclusive, innovative and collaborative themes around local and global politics, environmental stewardship, human rights, relational philosophy and the arts. This talk show will be led by the Tessa Foundation board of directors. 

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