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Our Mission

Educating, empowering and advocating for overcoming challenges of abuse, hunger and oppression. 

We utilize creativity, music and gardening to inspire opportunities for cultivating wholesome qualities of life.


Elevating humanity, environmental advocacy  and creative collaboration are the values that propel Tessa Foundation into activism.

We wholeheartedly commit to the work we do with passion and dedication.  

2023 initiatives include serving as a platform for  education and uplifting the youth and community garden programs throughout the Santa Fe community various schools and public venues.

Current Initiatives

Tessa Foundation Talks
A talk show weaving ageless conversations that engage creative, inclusive, innovative and collaborative themes around local and global politics, environmental stewardship, human rights, relational philosophy and the arts. This talk show will be led by the Tessa Foundation board of directors. 

Past Initiatives

Happy Girls

Goa Outreach

Goa outreach founded by Robert Lyon.

​In 2015, we were on site helping deliver fruit and neccesities to the gypsy street children of Goa, India.
Goa Outreach aims to put children from the streets into class rooms settings.
We continue to sponsor students for the academically in cooperation with Goa Outreach.

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